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Sensory Service Team 
Powys County Council

The Sensory Service Team works with babies, children and young people with an identified sensory loss from point of diagnosis up to the age of 19.

The Service: 
●    Provides direct teaching support for children and young people as required
●    Provides advice and training to families and educational settings around issues relating to sensory impairment. 
●    Completes functional vision/hearing assessments, advises on the implications for learning and development and assists school staff on effective teaching techniques and strategies and modifications to the curriculum.
●    Advises on special arrangements for tests and examinations.
●    Conducts functional environmental assessments and advises on modifications to the physical environment. 
●    Provides and supports correct use of assistive technology (for example, hearing and radio aids, cochlear implants, soundfield systems, CCTVs).

At Ysgol Penmaes we are fortunate to have regular visits from the Qualified Teacher for the Visually Impaired as well as the Habilitation Officer. Ysgol Penmaes also has a teacher with the Qualified Teacher of the VI status. This teacher has been instrumental in developing VI awareness across the school ensuring pupils are having their needs met.


Clinical Lead for Children with Behaviour and Learning Disabilities

We work very closely with the Clinical Lead for Children with Behaviour and Learning Disabilities who supports the school and pupils in regards to positive behaviour support.


Counselling and Art Therapy

Identified pupils at Penmaes have access to weekly counselling and art therapy and these are identified via a referral service. Pupils have a block of intervention before being discharged. However some pupils continue for longer based on their complexity of need.


For any input from any of these external agencies, parental consent is always obtained.

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