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School Vision

‘At Ysgol Penmaes we continually strive to do more than just educate, it is our aim to offer every pupil the opportunity to achieve their full potential in a safe, secure and enriching environment. It is our intention to offer a curriculum that promotes ambitious, capable and informed learners at a developmentally appropriate level.


Penmaes places a strong focus on the well-being of all, facilitated through highly effective communication processes. Learning is delivered in a way that facilitates an immersive multi-sensory curriculum that is fun and provides real life authentic experiences which help to build resilience; positively impacting development, whilst ensuring the promotion of collaboration and independence.


We as a special school ensure a common language for learning along with celebrating and embracing Cynefin/place whilst planning, teaching and learning ensures a broad, balanced and creative curriculum promoting the 4 purposes of the Curriculum for Wales and encouraging learners to be the best they can be. ’

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