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School Council Learner voice

The school council consists of the pupil leadership team and a representative from Rowan class upwards. This team meets weekly to discuss things that are working well, things they would like to change or see developed and just their general view points. Every week the pupils discuss pupils rights, equality and safeguarding. If you speak to pupils I’m sure that you will identify the role they play in the school.

Each week the minutes are shared with senior leaders and the Headteacher comments on them and requests things to be actioned. The school council have been instrumental in fundraising e.g. for the Food Bank, for getting new resources e.g. bike and scooter ramps and for visiting the wider community. They recently visited the Senedd as well as being involved in a discussion about whether pupils with ALN have the same equity as others. The school council as well as other pupils really advocate well for Penmaes. 

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