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Attendance, Reporting & Absence

Reporting an Absence

Parents or carers have a duty to inform the school office on the first day of absence and to maintain contact throughout the period of absence. If the school office is not contacted on the first day of absence then a phone call will be made to parents/carers. A phone call will also be made on day 3 of any absence unless parents or carers make contact with the school. If parents or carers fail to contact school and the school is unable to communicate with parents or carers then an unauthorised mark will be given.

If a learner is experiencing difficulties in attending school then this needs to be communicated so early intervention can take place via appropriate meetings.

Leave of Absence/holidays during Term Time

Leave of absence during term time will be discouraged. However governors recognise that for many of our learners taking holiday out of term time, including taking holidays when respite support is available places far less stress upon learners and their family. Holiday and leave of absence requests will be looked at on an individual basis. Where one holiday or leave of absence has been authorised it may be that any further requests are declined. Parents and carers are reminded that they do not have the automatic right to withdraw their child/ren from school for an annual holiday. Parents/carers must apply 28 days in advance for permission for their child to have leave of absence. The Headteacher may agree to an extended leave of absence in exceptional circumstances and in  agreement with the governing body.

Examples of exceptional circumstances may include:

  • Learner health care needs

  • Learner respite care arrangements

  • Family returning to country of origin

  • Parent returning from active tour of duty

When making judgements about extended absence for learners from minority ethnic families, Ysgol Penmaes will ensure that a full account has been taken, not only of the Statutory Regulations and Welsh Government guidance, but also of the situation of the minority ethnic families in general and the particular circumstances relating to each individual case. It is important that we demonstrate an understanding of parents’ perspective, even though we may not be able to comply with a request for the absence.

School Procedures and Responsibilities

Any pupil who is absent from school at the morning or afternoon registration period will have their absence recorded as being authorised, unauthorised or as an approved educational activity (attendance out of school). Only the Headteacher or a member of staff acting on their behalf can authorise absence.

Ysgol Penmaes adheres to the attendance pathway and liaises with the EWO regularly. The Headteacher ensures that all members of the governing body are updated with attendance figures and this is highlighted in the Headteachers termly report to governors.

Parents or carers are reminded via letter at the start of every term about the importance of good attendance at school.

Please refer to the school’s attendance policy for further information

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