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School Essentials Grant

All children eligible for free school meals can get a Welsh Government Grant.  Not every child receiving free school meals is eligible for the grant.

The grant is payable only to those who are currently entitled to Free School Meals.

Pupils who receive Free School Meals due to Transitional Protection or the Universal Free School Meals (from September 2022) scheme do not qualify for this funding.
All looked after children qualify for the grant, whether they receive free school meals or not.

The amounts are:
●    £125 per eligible learner.
●    Pupils entering Year 7 in September 2023 will be eligible for £200 per eligible learner.

Powys staff will check all current free school meal awards to establish if each child is eligible for the grant payment.  New free school meal applications will also be checked for grant eligibility.

If your child is transferring to a school outside Powys, please apply to the authority that maintains the school.

If you think you may be eligible for Free School Meals, but are not currently claiming, please contact the team.

For further enquiries please call 01597827462 (please note we will not take bank details over the phone).

The fund will cover school uniform, other clothing worn at school such as sports kits, equipment for out-of-school-hours trips (including outdoor learning) and equipment for activities within the curriculum such as design and technology.

Only one grant per academic year can be awarded and please note the payment can take a few weeks to reach your account once bank details have been provided. 

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