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Dear prospective parent,

I am often asked how children can be admitted into Ysgol Penmaes (and / or our satellite provision) hence putting together this short guide to assist you. 

We welcome visits to the school from prospective parents/carers/guardians, (covid restrictions allowing) so that you can see for yourself the specialist provision which is available. It is so important before applying for a place that you understand what is, and isn’t on offer, the types of pupils we accommodate - and to get a general feeling of the ethos of the school.

Whilst these visits can be helpful in terms of parents who are making decisions about school applications, it is really important that you understand that we do NOT offer placements directly from the school. All placements to Powys Special Schools are decided by the Local Authority Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Panel and although parents can request the school be named in the child’s Individual Development Plan (IDP), there is no guarantee that by doing so, a place will be allocated as this is determined by many factors including, but not limited to, the following:

  • does your child have severe, complex and / or profound additional learning needs? 

  • does your child have a Individual Development Plan (IDP)?

  • is there a peer group for your child at the school?

  • is there any space in the right year group / class for your child?

  • can the school meet your child’s specific learning needs?

  • can the school offer the curriculum that your child needs?

  • has the school been consulted for a place by the ALN panel?

  • does your child meet entry criteria to Powys Special Schools as determined by the Local Authority?


Please understand that whilst children must have a Individual Development Plan (IDP) to attend the school, simply having a Individual Development Plan (IDP) does not lead to an automatic allocation of a place. There are many children with Individual Development Plans (IDP) who access mainstream settings and whose needs are met very successfully. Ysgol Penmaes and our associated satellite provision accommodates only the most complex young people whose needs can not be met in a mainstream setting. 

If, after visiting, or looking at our website, you feel you would want to find out more about how to request a place for your child at Ysgol Penmaes, please contact the ALN panel at where you can access a wealth of information regarding the process and associated timescales. 

Alternatively, you can contact SNAP Cymru who provide information, guidance and advice to parents of children with additional needs. You can contact them on 08088010608 or

I do hope that helps to give you a little information about special school admission in Powys.

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